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There is a new adobe flash player vulnerability found by Trend Micro.  Here is what you need to know: Adobe told they would publish the fix next week. However they did faster job and published the fix yesterday. The attacks seem to be targeted attacks against to government entities. However once exploit becomes available to […]


Introduction Forensic Registry EDitor (fred) is a cross-platform Microsoft registry hive editor. It is GUI based registry editor that can work on Linux and has a built in hex viewer and data interpreter. Installation The best way to install this tool is listening its owner Daniel: In order to automatically stay up-to-date when new versions […]


I was planning to attend DFIR Summit for last two years and now I am in Austin for that. As part of DFIR summit I am attending Forensics netwars. Forensics netwars is a fun practice that help you to remember the forensics knowledge you may forget and learn some new tricks. The best thing is […]


Hi all, It has been such a long time since my last post. I have been very busy.  Last week I took GCIA exam and passed it. I thought I could share my experience. So far I took 3 exams from GIAC.  Those are GCFA, GCIH and GCIA.  GIAC certifications are very valuable certifications and […]


Disclaimer: First I am not a lawyer, this post is not about legal advices. Please contact a lawyer for a legal advice. This post is just about what I learned through different sources over time. Let’s start. One of the most important law for security researcher is the computer fraud and abuse act (cfaa). This […]


I wrote a post about detecting rogue virtual machine a while ago. Today I am publishing my script for how to get list of mac addresses and their manufacturer. It is easy to put an if statement and make this script to detect virtual machines. This is just start, if I get some time I […]


After running several projects I observe very interesting things about the management of the security projects. Stakeholders usually have very limited focus. For example if there is a project about network security, they don’t think how to implement some part of the projects into  say an application security project. Moreover stakeholders usually have lack of […]


There is no doubt that the most popular post I have written so far is How FF store your passwords? Is it secure?  I believe the reason is there was not enough documentation 3 years ago about Firefox’s security mechanisms. At that time I couldn’t find something simple that can read/edit sqlite databases. Now I […]


Cyber world is a dangerous place. Governments, and private industries become more and more aware of this danger in every single day. What about the citizen Joe and citizen Anna? Are they aware of the cyber threats? Do they know  how cyber threats can take all of their hard earned money they put into banking […]