Social Engineering

Social engineering is so interesting. You can get all access of a system without a little technical information. To protect yourself is not that easy. A social engineer who has done much researching about his victim can do many harmful things.

You cannot hide your foot prints on internet. There are several command line utilities which use google and find all pdf, txt file on a domain then extract user names from those documents.

User names are so important and easy to get…. After I see people’s hotmail and google passwords, I can say guessing password based on social engineering is easy too.

Social engineering and computer forensics are two things I want to specialize in.

Learning crackers tactics can help security people to protect their users.

I am currently busy with some networking stuff. However, I will love to learn more some social engineering tools. There is a good website for this purpose:

As it said at the website “Because there is no patch for human stupidity”

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