Some update about myself

As you see from the logo at the upper side, I am CCNA now. Personally, I believe certifications are important but they are not mean a lot to me. I was required to get it and the mission accomplished.

Another good news is my application for an author position at a popular Turkish IT Security magazine was accepted. I will be writing monthly articles in there. (I will be writing an English IT Security magazine soon but still don’t decide it). Of course I will continue to write for as part of my job.

To be honest, I am finding writing technical articles in Turkish harder than in English. For example, I am having hard time to find a Turkish word which means “multithread” or even “server”. I don’t know their Turkish correspondence (all computer class I have were in English- even at the Istanbul Technical University so I am not good Turkish IT terminology) but it will be good to learn them.

After now, hopefully I will have more time to update my blog at the evenings. You will find lots of new article and they will especially be about security tools ( nessus, ettercap, wireshark, metasploit, JohntheRipper, aircrack….)

I am adding a new project section: Computer Forensics. I will give more details about it later, but this will be a section just dedicated to my personal work on computer forensics .

I have already re-designed and lunched a new section but could not have time to update it. It will be updated very soon.

My system administrator blog will stay in googlespot but can be reached from with its new interface in a few days.

I am lunching another website soon ( but this will be just dedicated to soccer. I was refereeing some games for kids and very soon I want to do more serious stuff for it. (I am required to get a certificate for this too!)

That’s all for now.

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