Two Factor Authentication: How To Secure Your Google Accounts

  • You will first need to log-in to your Gmail account.
  • Click on your profile picture near the top right corner and a box with a few options will appear. You will need to click on the blue button named “My Account”.


  • A new tab will open with different kinds of options for your account. You will need to click on the “Sign-in & security” option.


  • Under “Sign-in & security” there is an option named “Signing in to Google”. You will need to click that link next.


  • Under the section “Signing in to Google” you need to click on the link option “2-Step Verification”


  • You will now be taken somewhere to begin the set up process. You will need to click the blue button named “Start setup”

  • You will be told to re-enter your password to continue with the set up process

  • The first step of the set up process would be to enter a valid phone number to be able to be sent the codes. You will also need to choose how to receive the codes they will be sending you for verification.


  • After you have entered the phone number a code will be sent to that number that you provided

  • The third step will ask if you trust the computer you are using to set up the two step verification. Leave the box checked if you do and if you don’t then make sure to uncheck the box.

The last step will just need you to confirm that you would like to turn on the 2-step verification.


  • After confirming you will be sent an email that tells you that you have successfully turned on the 2-step verification. The set up process is now done and no more steps need to be taken.