Two Factor Authentication: How To Secure Yahoo! Accounts

We discussed securing gmail and hotmail accounts. We now will secure Yahoo! accounts. First login into your Yahoo! account then click on account info on the top right of the page, select the account security tag, and the toggle two-step verification.



After toggling two-step verification a window pops up. Select your country and enter in your mobile number and then either select ‘Send SMS’ or ‘Call Me’. For the purpose of this assignment I will go with ‘Send SMS’.


Enter the verification code that you are sent.



One thought on “Two Factor Authentication: How To Secure Yahoo! Accounts

  1. Magen Barnett

    Hey, Ismail!
    Thank you for sharing screenshots to activate two-factor authentication on Yahoo accounts. The article helped me to activate the solution on my Yahoo account. And it is must because cyber criminals are everywhere is we need a solution that stops them. 2FA is a great choice.

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