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If Cyber Security Was A Soccer Game

Your red team players will be midfielders like Ramires or Kante. They play both side of the game; attack and defense very well. People usually think their attacking skills but that’s so 90s. Modern red team players should be very good at blue teaming too!

Your incident response team will be like Manuel Neuer, they are good saver but their foot are not bad too! They will defend as much as they can but at least have some understanding of exploits (even though they may not know how to develop them)

Your cyber security awareness team will be like Christian Ronaldo. They will be in the news but also work so hard to be in those news!

Your architects will be like Messi. They will not only have knowledge about cyber security but have a talent that will help them to understand and analyze the overall cybersecurity landscape in your company easily and naturally.

Your security engineers will be like Dani Alves. They will integrate security solutions to defend your company but they will be very fast to implement them.

Your security managers will be like Cuneyt Cakir. They will be fair to their employees and know the rules of the game perfectly!

Now you’re wondering where CISO sits in this picture. Let me tell you, they will not be in the field. The best CISOs are the ones who motivate their people, provide support and necessary tools for them to do their job. So they are the FANS.