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Browser Statistic is telling me something about Security Dudes

I recently checked the browser statistic for realinfosec.com and wanted to share result with you:

Not: This statistic is for last 500 visitors but I see almost same result for all visitors.

In general arorund %75 of people use IE. However if you look at the statistics you see almost half of the visitors are using FF. More interestingly  you see they use the latest version of FF in this case 3.6 so they are security dudes in action too:)

Chrome won the second place. Sorry IE but you are not good for security dudes… I think chrome will be at the top in next year if they add some additional feature on it by keeping its speed.

Finally we have IE users. They are around %10. The good thing is that they use the latest version of it (8.0)

To sum up, security dudes who visit this site are really taking security seriously. I love that!  Using secure browser like FF and keep it updated show that fact.